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The dashboard is essentially the home page of the Member's Area. Each user's dashboard looks slightly different to reflect their own personalized rank, schedule, and match results.

The dashboard provides users with some of the most important information, such as when their next match is, a list of matches they can submit scores for, a list of all unplayed matches, and their individual/team rank.

List of Players

The Players page displays a list of every registered player in that season. In addition, each player's email and phone number is also displayed, making it easy for players to contact one another.

List of Teams

Each player is assigned to a team, with the teams containing multiple spots for a range of skill levels. The top players are in the #1 spots of each team, and those are the players who are matched up with one another. Since it is a round robin, every team players each other team once in the regular season. So, for example, Team #5 will play Team #6. In that situation, the #1 players from each team are paired up, the #2 players from each team are paired up, etc.

The Teams page contains the statistics for every player on each team, making it easy to see which players are submitting their matches and contributing the most.


The Schedule page displays all of the information about when each team is playing. Every matchup for the regular season is determined from the very beginning, since it is just a round robin, but each round of the playoff schedule is determined at midnight after the preceding round. Until then, those dates are simply listed as To Be Determined.


The standings page displays two main categories, with the first being the overall Team Standings. This category is used to determine which teams make it further into the playoffs.

The second category is individual level standings. For example, if your league has ten teams of six levels, then there would be six sections displaying the standings for levels one through six. In this section, a list of ten players would be shown, taking each player in a specific level from every team and ranking them among each other.


League Engine enhances the social aspect of your league through the news feed, profiles, and most importantly the photo gallery. Registered players can upload photos to the gallery, which will remain there even once the season is over. That way, people in the future can look back on what the league was like in the past.

The league administrators as well as the original uploader have the ability to delete their photos at any time.


Each player is provided with their very own profile, accessible to the other registered players. On each profile page is the player's upcoming matches and match history.

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